Teaching a child to read can be hard. Let us help simplify the process for you.

Our goal is to empower you and your child. We will teach you the concept of a reading code and why knowing these reading codes matter.

Once your child understands each reading code, it will unlock access to a wide range of vocabulary they never knew existed.

Knowing how to decode words that have reading codes will move your child from a struggling reader to a child who loves to read.

Our books, extensions and additional activities target these specific reading codes. The combination of resources will propel your child to become a confident, fluent reader.

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Getting Your Learner Ready for the Reading Codes

There are steps to take before jumping into the concept of decodable books, especially books focused on reading codes. It's so important that your learner has the foundational knowledge first, otherwise they will become frustrated and will learn to not enjoy reading. We definitely don't want this!

That's why we've created a Free Basic Starter Kit. This starter kit will show you how to teach your learner how to recognize letters, the letter sounds, how to segment, decode, blend and chunk words.

Once they have this foundational knowledge, they are ready for our books and activities!

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