The Power of Knowing the Reading Codes

When it was time for Lisa to teach her five-year-old son how to read, she thought it would be a breeze. She holds a Master's in Education and has been teaching at the elementary level for 15 years. Even with her knowledge and experience in teaching, her son was still struggling.

There was an obvious missing link. What she realized is it's not enough to only know the sounds of the alphabet to learn how read. Emergent readers need to also know the sounds of combination of letters. This is what we call reading codes.

She taught a few reading codes to her son, and he was finally getting it and seeing success! He was happy, excited, and he wanted to read more!

She searched for storybooks focused on the reading codes, but couldn't find them. The only storybooks she found focused on basic phonics and were too basic or too complicated.


Story Behind The Sister Duo

Lisa approached her sister, Nicole, with this gap in the marketplace. Since then, they have partnered together as The Sister Duo to fill this need. They co-founded Sisterly Love Publishing Inc. and opened up Learn to Read Books, the storefront and membership site.

Together, they create the stories, illustrations, activities and games for the reading codes. You'll notice Lisa's face on social and in the training video modules. While Nicole is behind the scenes making sure everything looks good.

Lisa holds her Masters in Education and teaches at the elementary level. Nicole has a Bachelor of Commerce degree, is a consultant and an author. It's their combined skills that make Learn to Read Books so successful.

They both have a passion for reading, creating, and simplifying complicated things. Their mission is to empower emergent readers and provide as much value as possible.

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