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The Beginning Reader Bundle (Series 1-5) - Digital

Reading code beginner reader

Everything you need digitally to get your Beginner Reader off in the right direction for $79.99! 

This bundle is for young learners who know their alphabet letters and their sounds and are ready to start piecing those known symbols and sounds together. 

This bundle includes:

   5 Book 1s (eBooks only)  

Dirk the Bird (er,ir,ur), Tasha Shares (sh), Ellie the Elephant (ph), Benji the Beaver (ea), Cole the Mole (bossy e)

✅  25 printable books extension activities (5 per book)

Each book has 5 activities directly related to the book.  This extends and solidifies learning.

✅   The Ultimate Alphabet eBook 

This book ensures your learner knows all the sounds of the alphabet, even those soft, hard and broad letter sounds that are NOT taught in typical alphabet books.  

✅   Printable Travel Size Poster for Each Reading Code 

A small poster for each code (er,ir,ur / sh / ph / ea / bossy e) to keep handy while learning.

✅  Printable Additional Activities for Each Reading Code

Vocabulary Flash Cards 

Coloured & Black and White pictures of the main characters to play "Feed the Character."


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