Tasha Shares

Book 1

Tasha really loves to shares! Find out what kind of things she likes to share.

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Tasha at the Bus Stop

Tasha meets a new friend close to the bus stop. Can you guess who it is?

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Tasha and her Tasks

Book 3

Tasha has some tasks to do today! Find out what she has to complete.

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Tasha and Sheldon

Book 4

Tasha and Sheldon want to do something good! Find out what they do together?

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Tasha Sells Lemonade

Book 5

Tasha wants to buy something but she does not have any money. She decides to sell lemonade to make some money.

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Don't Forget that each books has 5 extension activity worksheets that were uniquely created to enhance your child's learning.

They were developed to integrate core competencies like, comprehension, fine motor (printing and cutting), math, and much more.

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