The beauty of our design is that you can start anywhere! Our books do not go in order and the main reason for this is because we wanted to reach all readers.

It all comes down to what your child needs to help increase confidence and see success.

For example:

  • If you see your child is struggling with certain words, perhaps they are not saying /f/ when they see the ‘ph’ reading code. You can start with Ellie the Elephant series. 
  • Maybe they are struggling with the various sounds of ‘ea’. If this is the case, Benji the Beaver Series would be the best series.
  • Controlled R is a common challenge with young readers. The Dirk the Bird series would be a perfect solution.

The most common struggles we hear from parents and teachers are blending, building confidence, and building fluency.

If this is the case for your young reader, we suggest starting with a code that has one sound and one spelling, like: 'sh', 'ph', then move to reading codes that have multiple sounds and spelling like: 'ch', 'ea', 'er, ur, ir'.


Hunter decoding the reading code er, ur, ir