Cole the Mole Ebook Series - 5 ebooks & 25 Worksheets

Material: Cole the Mole Series - Digital ebooks
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This is a digital package!

Cole the Mole Series is a decodable book series focused on the reading code bossy e.   

There are 5 books in the series and they gradually get a little more challenging as your child moves throughout the series.

Book 1: In this story, Cole the Mole shares all the things that he likes, especially time. 

Book 2:  In this second book of the series, Cole the Mole gets invited by Jug the bug to go for a bike ride. 

Book 3: Cole the Mole flies his Kite with Nat the Cat.

Book 4: Cole the Mole gets his first job taking care of Jake the Snake. 

Book 5: Cole the Mole gets lost in a cave and Super Graces comes to his rescue!

Each book has:

  • a meaningful story, vibrant & colourful graphics, and compelling characters
  • a skills page to highlight for you what your child will be learning
  • access to 5 free book extensions that increases exposure 

Testimonial from one of our parents:

"These books were so great for boosting Sophia's confidence and she keeps begging me to read the 2nd book.  The biggest hit was the activities that accompanied the book, they were so amazing!" - Amanda Tian Seng