Edna the Hedgehog Ebook Series - 5 ebooks with 25 worksheets

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This is a digital package!

Edna the Hedgehog Series is a decodable book series focused on the reading code ed and dge.   

There are 5 books in the series and they gradually get a little more challenging as your child moves throughout the series.

Book 1: In this story, Edna shares all the things that she likes to do.

Book 2:  In this second book of the series, Edna plays soccer with her team.

Book 3: Edna gets hurt and needs to go to the hospital. 

Book 4: Edna gets inspired to do a home renovation. 

Book 5:  Manny the Moose teaches Edna about mediation

Each book has:

✅  a meaningful story, vibrant & colorful graphics, and compelling characters 

✅  a skills page to highlight for you what your child will be learning

✅  access to 5 free book extensions that increase exposure