Ellie the Elephant Teacher's Classroom Package (ph)

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The Teacher’s Classroom Package is ideal for Teachers who are looking to save time and teach beyond a regular phonics program.

We designed this package to meet the needs of every student in your classroom. It will provide a full two weeks of enriched learning through one of the multi-letter phonograms (ph)

The package includes:

✅  6 paperback copies of each book in the series (30 books in total)

✅  A digital copy of each book you can use on your SMARTboard or projector. 

✅  25 extension activities (5 for each book) that directly relate to the books. These include comprehension, story recap, alphabetical order, addition and subtraction, patterns, printing, beginning, middle and end sounds, and more!

✅  A name plate that displays ALL the reading codes that are used within the entire series to help overcome isolated learning.

✅  3 sizes of posters - 8.5X11 poster, 6X6 poster and a mini 3X3 poster 


In addition, we've included printable additional resources for your Literacy Centers, Guided Reading, Daily 5Morning Table Activity, Fast Finishers.

⭐️  Guide Reading Groups/Daily 5 Reading:   

  • Independent extension activities to reflect on knowledge and understanding of the books.

  • Make it and Re-arrange it - the ultimate game of making words and an incredible tool for word decoding!

  • a Reading Code dictionary

  • Assessment pages 

⭐️  Daily 5 - Work on Writing:

  • Gratitude Journal

  • Story Writing

  • Disappearing Words

  • Triangle Words

  • Colourful and Rainbow Words

  • Spin and Write

⭐️  Literacy Games and Centres:

  • Memory

  • Go Fish

  • Feed the Animal with Flash Cards

  • Two Board Games

  • Rocket Ship

  • I Spy 

  • Bingo

⭐️  Independent Learning/Morning Table Top Activities

  • Search and Find the Reading Code

  • I Spy

  • Word Sort

  • Word Work

⭐️  Fast Finishers

  • 5 colouring pages 


Teaching the Reading Codes is a powerful technique to help your students learn to decode, spell, and write.

Simply print, cut and use. Many teachers laminate the material to use repeatedly.

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