Tasha the Turtle Series - 5 Paperback & Ebooks with 25 Worksheets

Title: Tasha the Turtle Series (Paperbacks & Ebooks)
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Get the paperbacks, ebooks and 25 book extensions (activities) in this 5 books series. 

Tasha the Turtle Series is a decodable book series focused on the reading code sh.    

The books gradually get a little more challenging as your child moves throughout the series.

Book 1: In this story, Tasha demonstrates the love of sharing.

Book 2:  Tasha meets a new friend Grant the Ant and helps him overcome his shyness. 

Book 3: Tasha completes her daily tasks.

Book 4: Tasha and Sheldon help the planet by picking up trash. 

Book 5: With help from Dirk's mother, Tasha and Sheldon overcome obstacles while selling lemonade.

Each book has:

  • a meaningful story, vibrant & colorful graphics, and compelling characters.
  • a skills page to highlight for you what your child will be learning.
  • 5 book extensions directly related to the book to increase exposure.