The Ultimate Alphabet Book

Material: The Ultimate Alphabet Book
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Did you know that the letter Aa has 3 different sounds?

The letter A doesn't only have a short "a" and long "a" sound, it also has a broad "a" sound (ä).  This is the sound you hear when you say the word 'water'.  

The reality is - we don't teach young readers the multiple sounds and it's making reading and spelling difficult for them.

To solve this problem, we created the ULTIMATE Alphabet Book that shows that many letters of the alphabet have multiple sounds.  Knowing these sounds will empower them and help them succeed.

You'll get:

✅  a Paperback & Ebook version of a 60+ page book that explains each letter and the sounds they make. 

✅  a photo of a little person's mouth showing the form their mouth should look like when saying those particular sounds. 

Get the Paperback/Ebook only or add it to a bundle and get the posters, cards, certificates etc!