The Ultimate Sound Wall

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Grouping words by their sounds - rather than letters - can be a much more effective tool when teaching students how to read and spell.

By learning the sounds and spelling patterns, students are empowered to read unfamiliar words - which results in increased independence.

A Sound Wall can play a key role as they learn these fundamental patterns because it:

  • provides explicit instruction of phonemes.
  • focuses on building orthographic mapping.
  • allows students to always have an area to review.
  • provides a visual reference for students.
  • improves spelling because it promotes a reference to the spelling pattern (rather than telling students how words are spelled.)
  • improves decoding skills when reading because they will start recognizing the reading codes. 

👀  Watch your learners transform before your eyes when they experience the power of THE ULTIMATE SOUND WALL!

✅  89 Vowel Wall Posters

✅  52 Consonant Wall Posters

✅  Color-coordinated, grouped by sound/spelling pattern
✅  3 Design color options included, teal and black circles and star sound posters. Multiple student copies are included with different designs. 

✅  A student handout (8.5x11) for both the 'Vowel Village' and 'Consonant Community'. (Helps with independent reading)

The Sound Wall is completely digital & delivered immediately.  Just print & learn!

❗️ We recommend that you start your Sound Wall very bare. Grow it by adding sounds and patterns gradually after they have been taught and learned.