Dirk the Bird Series - The Complete Paperback and Digital Bundle

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This bundle is designed to help parents teach their child the reading code er, ur and ir, using the Dirk the Bird Series.

Inside this bundle you will get the:  

  • All 5 paperback and ebooks of the Dirk the Bird Series
  • 25 printable extension Activities to extend learning
  • a 30 day printable Dirk the Bird Gratitude Journal 
  • 12 printable additional resources focused on the er, ir, ur, reading code (the games package and the word work package)
  • Dirk the Bird Series printable Name Plate for easy reference
  • 5 printable Colouring Pages
  • er, ir, ur printable Reading Code Certificate
  • 2 printable posters of the reading code (3x3 and 6x6)
  • Access to the Members Hub for video instruction on how to introduce the reading code er, ur, ir.

*Paperback and Ebooks* - all additional activities are digital/printable!

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