The Fluent Reader Bundle (Series 1-5)

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Everything you need to get your reader building fluency while reading! 

This bundle is for active readers to help them approach unknown words. 

This bundle includes:

✅  10 Books - Books 4 & 5 (Paperback & eBook)

Dirk and Kirk & Dirk and Tasha (er,ir,ur), Tasha and Sheldon & Tasha Sells Lemonade (sh), Ellie Wants to Swim & Ellie at the Concert (ph), Benji in the Sea & Benji and his Dream (ea), Cole and Jake & Cole and Grace (bossy e).

✅  25 books extension activities (5 per book)

Each book has 5 activities directly related to the book.  This extends and solidifies learning.

✅. The Ultimate Alphabet Paperback and eBook 

This book ensures your learner knows all the sounds of the alphabet, even those soft, hard and broad letter sounds that are NOT taught in typical alphabet books. 

✅  Travel Size Poster for Each Reading Code 

A small poster for each code (er,ir,ur / sh / ph / ea / bossy e) to keep handy while learning.

✅  Additional Activities for each Reading Code (er,ir,ur / sh / ph / ea / bossy e) 

Advance Board Game 

Word Sort

Gratitude Journal