Shauna the Fawn Ebook Series - 5 books & 25 Worksheets

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This is a digital package!

Shauna the Fawn Series is a decodable book series focused on the reading code aw/au/ew.

There are 5 books in the series and they gradually get a little more challenging as your child moves throughout the series. 

Book 1: In this story, Shauna draws a variety of different things in her notepad. 

Book 2: In the second book, Shauna plays on a seesaw and wants to be an astronaut. 

Book 3: Shauna plays a lawn game with Harry the Hawk. 

Book 4: In the fourth book, Shauna goes out shopping by needs be home by her curfew. 

Book 5: Shauna and Drew go to an auction. 

Each book has :

✅ a meaningful story, vibrant colorful graphics, and compelling characters. 

✅ a skills page to highlight for you what your child will be learning. 

✅ access to 5 free worksheets that extend learning for the reading code.