Tasha the Turtle Series - The Complete Paperback & Ebook Bundle

Material: Tasha the Turtle Complete Bundle (Paperbacks & Digital)
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This bundle is designed to help parents teach their children the reading code sh, using the Tasha the Turtle Series.

Inside this bundle you will get:

  • All 5 Paperbacks & Ebooks of Tasha the Turtle Series focused on the sh reading code.
  • 25 extension activities to extend learning
  • a 30 day Tasha the Turtle Gratitude Journal 
  • 12 additional resources focused on sh reading code (the games package & word work package)
  • Tasha the Turtle Name Plate for easy reference
  • 5 colouring pages
  • a sh Reading Code Certificate
  • 2 posters of the sh reading code (3x3 and 6x6)
  • Access to the Members Hub for videos to help introduce the sh reading code.

*Paperback books and Digital ebooks* - all additional items will be digital and printable

*Tablet NOT included