The Summer Portfolio (digital)

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Title: Level 1 - Preschool/K (digital)
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The Summer Portfolio is a way to help keep your child's learning momentum going throughout the summer.

There are 3 variations depending on where your child fits:  Pre/K, 1, and/or Grade 2+

Each portfolio has 38 pages of daily activities you can space out over the summer.

And, each page has a variety of short activities like:

  • practicing printing (name, letters, address, phone emergency numbers
  • letters of the day and proper formation
  • sight words
  • patterns, matching, rhyming, shapes
  • self-portraits / guided drawings
  • addition and subtraction
  • counting money
  • and more!
Don't let the summer slide happen! Keep your child's brain activated over the summer to keep their learning momentum going.